During the COVID-19 pandemic, Joanna pivoted to work on risk analysis for test and trace programs, with a particular interest in digital tracing/notification strategies, and their potential for sophisticated risk analysis. The Masel lab is open to new students who want to work in this area, whether in preparation for the next pandemic, developing strategies for current endemic diseases (e.g. quantifying the circumstances under which non-pharmaceutical interventions could have advantages for specific subpopulations even when relatively ineffective at a whole-population level), or just intellectual interest.

As well as academic research, Joanna wrote some pieces and did interviews for the general public: 

And strange as it may be, I think the most-read thing I wrote at this time was a viral twitter thread about manuscript clearance processes and data use agreements at the CDC.


Video recording from COVID-19 Exposure Notification Digital Tools Webinar on March 1, 2021

(Sponsored by Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health)

More video recordings:

And there is a whole series of talks by others that are part of Science of Pandemic Tech webinar series I co-ran.

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